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About Scribbleography

Scribbleography is an organic process. It is a hybrid style which combines drawing with photography. Each photograph is hand-scribbled, lifted and pulled from the emulsion and infused with my vision. It is an inspired whimsical celebration to reveal my optimistic view of our world. I see the magnificence in the mundane and the extraordinary in the ordinary. I scribble because it’s fun.

About Lorraine Parow

Following her graduation in Photographic Arts and later in Advanced Digital Photography; Lorraine Parow continues to work in the photographic industry as a professional corporate and editorial location photographer, producer, director, instructor and image artist.

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Scribbleography Mini Books

Our Scribbleography books are 100 pages each, with 50 images of Scribbleography photo art in each book. The books measure approximately 6 inches square.

Printed with the most current and advanced press printing equipment (using HP Indigo 5500 Presses using ink rather than toner), ensures the best possible quality. Our Scribbleography books are perfect bound, and full colour throughout. They can be ordered individually, or as a set, just contact us to order yours.

Volume One – Convergence

“Convergence” is a collection of photographs, a hybrid style that combines drawing with photography. Lorraine has added drawing details to create depth and texture to transform her traditional photography in a playful and uplifting style.

Volume Two – Fusion

“Fusion” is a collection of photographs that is a symmetry between ethereal edges of ‘scribbling’ and the detailed pictorial precision of the photographic truth. The evolution in volume two has revealed Lorraine’s skills as an accomplished professional photographer.

Volume Three – Synthesis

“Synthesis” is a collection of photographs infused with Lorraine’s vision. Lorraine has composed her art in such a manner that the viewer is moved to question if the images are photographic or not. The “Synthesis” volume is the leap toward something new while retaining the heart felt nostalgia of the familiar.

Volume Four – Toronto

“Toronto” is a collection of everything from Toronto, pathways, iconic landmarks, events, locations and beaches. Just as the name suggests, if it was shot by Lorraine in Toronto, it’s likely in this book!